Nihon University Cosmic Campus

Future Scientists and Engineers × Future Artists and Creators = N.U COSMIC CAMPUS

The “Ten-Koh2” project is collaboration between the College of Science and Engineering and the College of Art and Design of Nihon University, where “future scientists and engineers” and “future artists and creators” will practice space development. This project is called “N.U Cosmic Campus”, and we will consider space as if it were a single campus, welcoming everyone from all over the world as a member of this new space development project.

The images of the Pale Blue Dot allow everyone to feel the smallness of the Earth in the universe and to feel the love for the Earth. I believe that the images of the Pale Blue Dot will compel everyone to change their minds. Perhaps poetry, painting, song, and art, along with cutting-edge rocket science and engineering, are just what we need in the field of space exploration.

The Okuyama Laboratory is working on the development of “Ten-Koh 2” in five teams: Structure Engineer, Thermal Control Engineer, Electric Power Supply Engineer, Communication Engineer and System Engineer. We are working hard every day to create a satellite that can withstand launch by rocket and function in space.

In fact, a virtual astronaut “Captain Hikaru” is aboard “Ten-Koh 2”, and she is operating “Ten-Koh 2” by herself. “Ten-Koh 2” orbits the Earth at an inclination of 52 degrees. In other words, “Captain Hikaru” will cruise between 52 degrees north and south latitudes, measuring the external and internal temperatures of “Ten-Koh 2”, observing high-energy charged particles from the sun and galaxy, investigating how advanced materials degrade in the space environment, sending signals back to Earth, and photographing the Pacific Ocean and the Sahara Desert. In addition, “Captain Hikaru” converts the music played by the brass band of an affiliated high school into data and sends it to Earth, films New York City at night, and photographs the Sahara Desert.

“Future Scientists and Engineers”דFuture Artists and Creators”=“N.U Cosmic Campus”

Please look forward to it!!!

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